Magnetic shutter

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    • Commodity name: Magnetic shutter
    • Commodity ID: 8


    1. The NMLK product is a new magnetic circuit structure, with a suction increase of 50% compared with traditional products of the same specification.

    2. All NMLK products are chrome plated with good corrosion resistance and appearance.

    3. The gap between the magnetic base and the square iron can be adjusted to 0.1~0.5mm to achieve the required magnetic force and prevent the magnetic base from colliding with the square iron, thus extending the service life.

    4. The NMLK product is installed in the form of double magnetic seats, and the magnetic force is doubled under the same installation volume, which is a unique function of this patented product.

    5. The magnetic base of the patented product has two magnetic working faces, one for two sets.

  • Model

    Magnetic force (KN)

    L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) A(mm) d1(mm) d2(mm) E(mm)

    Main material

    Magnetic steel



    NMLK-100A 1 78 35 35 52 Φ9


    12.5 SS400 100℃

    CCB8-30 spring washer 4 pieces

    NMLK-100B 1 89 35 35 63 Φ9 Φ16 12.5 SS400 100℃

    CCB8-35 spring washer 4 pieces

    NMLK-200 2 132 35 35 100 Φ11 Φ20 17.5 SS400 100℃

    CCB10-35 spring washer 4 pieces

    NMLK-300 3 132 35 48 100 Φ11 Φ20 17.5 SS400 100℃

    CCB10-45 spring washer 4 pieces


    Note: The above technical parameters are for reference only, and the specific parameters shall be subject to the equipment. Dongguan Shiyi Machinery Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final analysis and modification