Horizontal Clamping Machine

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    • Commodity name: Horizontal Clamping Machine
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    The horizontal clamping machine is a new type of clamping machine independently developed by Mr. Shi Zhongshi, the former general manager of our company, using his rich mold theory and years of practical experience in mold manufacturing, and using the principle of memory magnetic clamping to turn the mold 0-90 degrees. This clamping machine, which is mainly used for small and medium-sized molds, changes the clamping technology from manual tapping to mechanical operation, and is closer to the principle of horizontal injection molding machine, which really requires only one person to operate. This world innovative technology has obtained the national patent (patent No.: ZL201020235948.2).


    The main features are as follows:

    1. Labor saving, labor saving, short molding cycle and high precision.

    2. Easy to operate.

    3. It is safe and reliable, with permanent magnet protection, and can not drop the mold in case of power failure.

    4. It has beautiful appearance, convenient installation, light weight and small volume, which is 1/4 of similar vertical machines.

    5. Limited weight, no need to pour the foundation.

    6. It can be used in plants of general height.


    The main functions are as follows:

    1. The computer adjusts the pressure and prints red lead evenly.

    2. Instantly open and close the mold.

    3. Both disks can be flipped to flip the double-sided mold.

    4. Local mold closing (mold closing A and B).

    5. Electric permanent magnet mold suction, no need to tighten screws.

  • Model

    Maximum pressure (KN)

    Maximum stroke (mm)

    Maximum mold size (mm)

    Fast forward/working speed (mm/sec)

    Fast rewind/work rewind (mm/sec)

    Permanent magnet suction (t)

    Electric permanent magnet suction (t)

    Turning capacity (t)

    Angle (degrees)

    Motor power (kw)

    Machine tool size (mm)

    Machine weight (t)

    WS-70 700 1000 600×600 45/16 60/22 2.8 11 1 0-90 3.7 3900×900×900 5
    WS-120 1200 1250 800×800 45/16 60/22 7 28 3 0-90 7.5 4600×1250×1120 11
    WS-180 1800 1500 1000×1050 40/12 60/22 10 40 8 0-90 11 5500×1430×1360 16

    Note: The above technical parameters are for reference only, and the specific parameters shall be subject to the equipment. Dongguan Shiyi Machinery Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final analysis and modification