Mold closing turnover machine

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    • Commodity name: Mold closing turnover machine
    • Commodity ID: 9

    The mold closing turnover machine is the latest model developed by our company (patent No.: ZL2015200318705), which is used in mold production and manufacturing, maintenance, mold opening, pressure testing, mold turning and repair, neutron testing, etc.

    The machine adopts imported control system and touch screen operation; The hydraulic pressure is used to drive the formwork to open, press and turn 90 °. This series of products focus on the application of new technology and safety protection functions, and have outstanding advantages such as high precision, digitalization, advanced functions, good safety, easy operation, saving time and manpower. Various devices on the equipment can meet different needs, and users can choose according to actual needs.

  • Can be customized according to customer needs.