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H Die Spotting Press Machine

H Die Spotting Press Machine

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H Die Spotting Press Machine


In combining his intricate mold theory, molding experience, and memory magnetic clamping technology, Mr. Shi Zhongshi, our former Director  invented a Horizontal Die Spotting Press Machine with permanent electro-magnetic clamping feature that can turn molds up to 90 degrees.    National patent (Patent No. ZL201020235948.2) has been granted for this breakthrough.

The machine, which mainly suits small and medium size molds, has marked the change of mold fitting technology from manual stiking to mechanical operation. The operation mode is similar to horizontal injection molding machine which requires only single person to complete the task. 


Main characteristics :

1.    Efficient, saves manpower, shortens mold production time with even higher precision.

2.    Easy installation and simple operation.

3.    Safe and reliable --- With permanent magnetic protection, the mold will stay attached even with a power outage.

4.    Modern appeal.

5.   Construction of concrete foundation not required because of light machine weight.

6.    Compact, with just 1/4 volume of similar machines.

6.    Can be housed in plants with normal heights.


Key Functions:

1.  Checking the evenness of die spotting ink via computerized pressure adjustment.

2.  Instant mold opening and closing.

3.   Dual rotatable magnetic plates, with the ability to turn both mold plates simultaneously.

4.   Can selectively fit A & B mold plates

5.   Boltless electro-permanent magnetic clamping technology.

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     Max.    closure force(KN)



Max. mold


 Forward travel-fast/slow (mm/sec)

 Backward travel-fast/slow(mm/sec)

Permanent magnetic clamping capacity(t)  Permanent electro-magnetic clamping capacity(t) Turning capacity(t) Turning angle(°) Motor power(kw) Dimensions(mm) Weight(t)
WS-70 700 1000 600×600 45/16 60/22 2.8 11 1 0-90 3.7 3900×900×900 5
WS-120 1200 1250 800×800 45/16 60/22 7 28 3 0-90 7.5 4600×1250×1120 11
WS-180 1800 1500 1000×1050 40/12 60/22 10 40 8 0-90 11 5500×1430×1360 16


PS: The above technical parameters are for reference only and are subject to the actual device. Dongguan City AQUAmate Machinery Co., Ltd. reserves the rights of final interpretation and revision.