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Dongguan City AQUAmate Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Humen Dongguan, China. Our company mainly engages in the production and sale of AQUAmate die spotting press machines, mold turning machines and electro-magnetic auxiliary equipments:

  • Horizontal Die Spotting Press Machine
  • Vertical Die Spotting Press Machine
  • Metal Die Spotting Press Machine
  • Flat Panel Mold Turning Machine
  • 90 Degree Mold Turning Machine
  • Open-close Mold Turning Machine
  • Rotation Machine
  • Magnetic Clamping System
  • Magnetic Lifters
  • Magnetic Lock Sets

 Among them, the Horizontal Die Spotting Press Machine, which applies permanent electro-magnetic clamping technology is a worldwide recognized innovation with national patent  no.ZL201020235948.2.  Such innovation performs important role in the mold industry with numerous functions such as mold lifting, turning, finishing, development, and processing. It brings the benefits of effort and manpower saving, and production time shortening while ensuring precision, improving work efficiency, and reducing labor intensity.